GCMS Notes


GCMS notes from IRCC contain a comprehensive account of the analysis performed on an individual’s biometric data, specifically focusing on the identification and verification of their identity and potential security concerns. These notes provide a detailed summary of the procedures followed, instruments used, and the results obtained from the GCMS analysis.

The GCMS analysis involves the separation of the biometric sample using gas chromatography, which separates the sample into its individual components. The separated components are then ionized and analyzed using mass spectrometry, which provides information about the chemical composition and structure of the components.

The GCMS notes from IRCC include information such as the date and time of the analysis, the specific samples tested, the instrument settings, calibration details, and any modifications made during the analysis. The notes also document the identification and quantification of specific compounds or substances found in the biometric sample, including any potential matches or discrepancies with the applicant’s claimed identity or previous records.



Information file that can be requested by applicants for temporary residence (visitor visas, study permits, work permits) or permanent residence (Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Program, Family Sponsorship etc.)


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